hello gaslamp!
We are the best one-stop convenience store where you'll find everything from Beer, Wine, Cigarettes, Beverages, Snacks, Tourist Essentials, Personal Care and much More!
Convenient Location
Set just blocks from Horton Plaza, the Convention Center, and right in the heart of the music and party scene we are just a few steps away.
Fast Service
In and out fast. We got you covered. You have Downtown San Diego to explore!
Great Products
Whether it be a night out or a family trip to the Pad's game. We carry Beer & Wine and all of the products you need to make your visit to the gaslamp district in downtown San Diego a success.
Our Products
Find everything you need.
  • beer
  • toiletries
  • snacks
  • chargers accessories electronic cigarettes batteries
Our Hours:
Monday: 10:00a-10:00p, Tuesday: 10:00a-10:00p,
Wednesday: 10:00a-10:00p, Thursday: 10:00a-11:00p,
Friday: 10:00a-1:30a, Saturday: 10:30a-1:30a,
Sunday 10:30a-9:30p, so stop on by!
Holidays open at 11:00a
Souvenirs & Accesories
Visit our shop!
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Emergency Room - Gaslamp One-Stop Shop

We are conveniently located at the heart of Gaslamp in San Diego.

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Emergency Room
538 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101‎

(619) 238-8088

Open from 10a - 10p

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